The Happening

      6th – 7th September 2019


Before arrival. If you are taking part in the Psilohuasca ceremony please take care to eat a light meal several hours before and not after 1pm. Please arrive sober without any alcohol consumption and be mindful of your sugar intake as this can affect your journey.

Please make sure you do the ‘Baseline’ for the research project. Sent via email.

Those organisers and contributors not taking part in the ceremony may wish to bring something to eat during the evening. A nourishing vegan soup & bread will be available later in the evening for everybody.


2pm Arrival and registration.

Welcome to the space. People arrive and register. Receive goodie bags. Explore the area. Make yourself at home.

Please bring your cushion to sit on and leave your baggage and mattress in the room provided (you can access them later at bedtime). Find a space and get settled. Please bring only yoga mats and the essentials you will need into the ceremonial space. Airbeds and inflatable mattresses are to be used only for sleeping after the ceremony. Mobile phones are to be put in ‘aeroplane mode’ and used only for taking photographs/video.

Tea will be served at this time.

Double Peace Sign Photographs can be taken with our ‘Rock Stars Banner’ for our Instagram Campaign


Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Making Connections, Opening Ceremony with our Fire Keeper Aurora,

Relaxing Sounds, Intention Circle.

(Including 4pm  Space Holders Meeting)

Trip sitters and space holders meet to discuss procedures and tactics for the keeping our space safe, comfortable and easy.


Introduction to the evening by Rudi, Brid and Aleksi.

             A short introduction to the evening. Aims of the Summer of Love 3.0 and explanation of how we keep the space safe for you to fully explore your conscious awareness.


Smudging and cleansing of the space and participants.

 Ceremony Begins with the MAOI
We take the peganum harmala/syrian rue.

7pm Truffles
After a brief interlude we take the psilocybin truffles courtesy of


  Matwala Prem – Tablas

Bill Bosler – Dulcimer

Ilona West – Performance Artiste

Mick Smith – Pianist

Star Magick – Cosmic Entertainer and Face Painter

 Marloes Messemaker – Graphic Comic Artist/Singer/Guitarist

Tri-Continental – Band

Cosmic Sound – Gongs

Glowballz – LED Visuals

Daevid Allen – Seven Drones

Jam Session Finalé – Five Senses Allstars

Curlpool – World Party

DJ Dennis – Ambient Sounds

 A broad program of entertainment featuring a gong bath, sonic chakra sound healing, musicians, performance artistes, LED poi display, and much, much more

Gaps in the evening will be filled with gentle music from our resident DJs Rudi & Dennis

Closing ceremony soup and bedtime.

Eat some warm vegan soup and bread. Fetch your bedding and retire.



10 am
Breakfast at ‘The Salon’.


Integration Circle with Jane Fortune


Pt2 of the Research ‘Follow up to the Baseline’
Natasha Leigh Mason


Projet Chaman Vision by Céline Duprat


The launch of Hi-Vinyl ‘A Deep Listening Experience’
Cannabis connoisseurs meet vinyl enthusiasts

N.B. All times are approximate and subject to change if appropriate