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…and with the kind assistance of The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands.

Shaman Yelena (Love Unconditional)

Yelena has done kundalini yoga teacher training for three years . She’s also a Reiki master/teacher and a QHHT practitioner (taught by Dolores Cannon at Levels 1 & 2).

She has completed seven blocks (one year) course with a Siberian shaman (Ahamkara) Siberian drum healing. Four times a year she sees a Native American shaman (Dancing Thunder) in a small group for people with “special talents” as mentioned by Chief Dancing Thunder. Her commitment to spiritual development is never ending and her growth is constant.

She was born and raised in the ex-Soviet Union. Under that regime religion and spirituality were banned. In these conditions Yelena wasn’t aware and didn’t know anything about them. She only knew that her mother came from a shamanic family and that the entire family were all killed. This caused her maternal grandfather to experience a huge trauma which led him, and later her mother, into a deep depression and subsequently alcoholism. So therefore during the communist times religion and spirituality weren’t spoken about so much inside or outside of her family.

She uses different tools for the transformation of consciousness. These tools are yoga, hypnosis, reiki and shamanic ceremonies.

Her divine plan is to heal/balance/transform and teach others how to heal/balance and transform. Now is just the right time to expand. This is the time for the whole world to balance and transform.

In conclusion, she doesn’t think of herself specifically as a teacher or healer or a shaman – these are just tools. She is just God’s humble servant helping people to balance, raise their consciousness/frequency by raising her own and working at her own karma and trying to get as close as possible to her true essence along the way and become a more authentic version of herself.

She gives teaching and the attunement for Reiki levels 1, 2 and master at high level teachings and she also gives different workshops. Her teachings are based on metaphysics, theology, astrotheology, Gnostic, flower of life & numerology, mystical & hidden knowledge, Vedic knowledge & myths as Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana etc.

The entire concept is based on your vibrational transformation through explanation about transformational stages; what your life is about; where we are now; and where we are heading to, from the mystical viewpoint with elements of yoga and shamanic practices.

She also has a teaching program for 8 weekends: 1) Vitality & Stress 2) Conscious Communication 3) Authentic Relationships 4) Mind & Meditation 5) Lifecycles & Lifestyles 6) Warrior Saint 7) Man & Woman  8) Stages of transformation and the power of number “9”.

These weekends can be run with or without entheogens (depending upon demand).

Jhelisa Anderson

Jhelisa will be unveiling the Chakra Sound System for us. Sonic chakra realignment using the healing power of frequency and vibration.

Below is the transcript of a recent interview Jhelisa gave for

1.Why did you create the Chakra Sound System?

The Chakra Sound System and Soundbliss Recordings have been created firstly as a relaxing listening pleasure as well as a sonic tool that can be used to balance your chakras, balance your emotions, balance your thoughts, balance your hate, balance your love, or just chilling out with no intention but to relax and clear your mind.

It really is about how you choose to use the frequencies. No matter what religion or cultural philosophies you follow, your mind body and soul is made up of energies, frequencies, and will respond to soundwaves, enhanced by your intention. Sorta like taking a shower, some people like it cold and fast, others like it hot and slow, so to speak. I was skeptical when first introduced to these concepts, I asked “Who says that tuning my root chakra to 396 hertz will bring me harmony?”

That research led me into all sorts of sacred geometry explanations and sacred texts that says many ancient songs and rhythms produce a state of harmony, spiritual protection, including change of molecular structures protection and bliss. But when you actually feel it and experience it, you redefine it for yourself. It is a universoul experience with varying degrees of results. I believe your intention can enhance your experience. So it becomes irrelevant to me whether it’s exactly 396 hertz or not.

You in the modern world are consciously exploring an ancient practice that if it makes you feel more powerful and strong, then it works. I used many acoustic instruments resonating pure tones including my voice with pure intention of balance peace and harmony for my inner and outer worlds combined. Behind it. Some people use the King James Bible to condone actions opposite of Webster Dictionary defined love, and others have used it to enhance their love, patience and understanding of how to beam their humanity within an extreme atmosphere of violence and chaos.

2) How did you make your way back to the states?

Wow! After 17 years of London, I wondered, what the hell had really happened back home. I had to go back for myself, and see my birthplace through new eyes. A broader perspective, my claim was to go back and witness and participate in the nervous breakdown of America, the transformation. And try to glue back the pieces of my family within all of that.

3) Why Atlanta?

I had been coming to Atlanta to visit my mom and my step dad since they moved here in 1995. Then my mom became widowed around the same time the Katrina hurricane/Levy sabotage tragedy devoured my home in New Orleans in the middle of recording my third album “A Primitive Guide to Being There”. I finished the album in Atlanta with help from Dr. Michael Simanga and percussionist Kenito Murray. Atlanta has been a blessing, a retreat. I still mourn the loss, as well as honoring the survivors of New Orleans, the birthplace of my grandparents.

4) What is your goal as an artist?

Like painting a picture, i invoke spirits, emotions, moods, presenting a sonic and lyrical landscape… like a talisman… use it as you will.

5) I love your voice! Was your voice always deep and powerful when you first started singing?

Since I was five years old singing with my dad on piano and my mom and sister on vocals. Yes always a deep alto that dared to venture into the soprano frequencies from time to time… and yes, i was born a female. 🙂

6) You have worked with some heavy hitters, Herbie Hancock, the late, great James Brown, Sting, and the legendary Mavis Staples. how did they find you?

When u get that call from your agent saying you’re opening for an absolute legend, you just resonate high energy and prepare yourself to ascend in that atmosphere. In my whole career journey these situations have found me. It has been my university of sorts, I have never learned to read music. I come from the old school way of learning and development, tuning into the essence and tuning out external expectations.

7) How do you ensure that you are taking care of yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually?.

I love yoga, I haven’t done it in years, but I try to live it everyday in conscious living, moving, breathing, being. Organic food anywhere I can find it, free imagination is a must, but ultimately, I allow myself to feel what I’m feeling first, and then if i become to unbalanced, more water is needed, I find more water. I can’t get stuck in a rut for too long. Life is so very interesting and challenging, and i always want to see what it has for me next, and what I can possibly offer more of. Consciously interacting with the elements around me is how I keep fit in all ways. I know when it’s too much, and when it’s not enough… and sometimes that pendulum swing is polar opposites wide… but whether you’re a monk, an artist or a lying politician. I truly believe we are here to explore that balance in our own individual ways rediscovering a universoulove that sustains you, protects you and guides you. I tell myself..whenever you’re ready….let’s go!


Jhelisa Anderson has recorded with some of the greatest artists in the world including Chaka Khan, Massive Attack, Sting, Bjork, Mavis Staples and Bryan Ferry to name but a few.

Her albums have sold all over the world and she has toured throughout the U.K., Europe, Africa and Australia.

Always pushing musical boundaries, Jhelisa has most recently developed a new soundscape including the power of handcrafted gongs, percussion, and the human voice. This new musical sound is called Gongasoul. Individually these sounds are used in the healing arts all over the world; together they are a powerful supplement to yoga, spiritual and entheogenic rituals that clear blockages and encourage inner peace and harmonic resonance.


Samsara Gong Bath

Samsara’s Gong Baths are a meditative journey through sound, vibration and frequency.

Samsara is Frans van Meerendonk who, along with his brother, owns a plumbing installation company in Harmelen (near Utrecht) in The Netherlands. In his free time he enjoys the experience of sound, shape and meditation, and with his wife Marian he gives singing bowl concerts (Gong Baths).

Frans’s Story:

Even at eleven, I saw the world differently from the people around me. I was seen as strange but found that I could adapt slowly but surely to the ordinary world. Then years later I got more and more physical symptoms and almost had a burnout. After reading the book Lama Surya Das my interest in Buddhism was awakened and I started meditating.

After a few years I began training with Dr. Shen, to follow his daughter Shen Jin and Inge Stringa. They taught me Tai Chi, Wuxigong, Buqi and Tai Chi sword and stick. Since the year 2000 I’m practicing zazen (Sensei, Irene Bakker) and I regularly attend silent retreats.

During this period I also discovered sound sessions Tim Torré and I was fascinated by the power of sound, so subsequently I did some Klankino training. Over the years since I have amassed a nice collection of gongs, singing bowls, flutes and a didgeridoo.

Together with my wife, Marian, we now regularly organize Gong Baths for up to 20 people, as well as private sessions for smaller groups.



LED lightshow presentation from Mandy Servais Glowballz

Mandy’s special light shows use LED technology to perform a stunning spectacle.



Glowballz Website


Stefano Sgarbi

Stefano is a composer, performer and sound therapist.

Stepfano’s wonderful ‘Playing the Voice‘ workshops led us to him and his eclectic mix of meditation, mindfulness and polyphonic singing. He will also be DJ’ing for us and performing a set with his friend Melika Hadzic


Harriet Hensser Quilty

Harriet designed our wonderful Summer of Love 3.0 logo and is our Artistic Advisor.

The Artwork of Harriet Quilty

…. is an ongoing process. I mostly work from various photographs and manipulate the images like a collage. The ensemble of collaged photographs at this stage might have very little visual appeal and so my aim is to give it a dynamism with my medium of choice, which is pencil at the moment. This is how I like to work when I’m creating portraits too; introducing a quirky element that strongly communicates something about the subject matter. This new and updated website is designed as a portfolio to showcase the work, navigate you to my shop, or make an enquiry or two. My artwork is available for retail, wholesale, portrait commissions and licensing.

I’m an artist and illustrator and have studied in various educational establishments including Eastbourne College of Art and Technology and Cambridge School of Art. I recently moved to the stunning Yorkshire wilderness in England with my husband, Ronan and country loving canine companion, Hector. The playground behind our house comes equipped with beautiful waterfalls and magical woods teeming with wildlife, we absolutely love it here. In Cambridgeshire, where I used to live, I worked as an Artworks Co-ordinator with adults with learning disabilities, sold greetings cards in various retail shops, demonstrated in art shops as well as exhibiting in group shows (see below). Being new to the North West of England means I’m starting fresh and I’m getting involved with new arty projects and commission requests, which is exciting.

At the beginning of this year I became a vegan, which means that the printed work, after December 2016, as much as possible, will be environmental and animal friendly.

You can find work for sale when you click the Shop link on this website.

Please visit my website…


Howahkan Erich Nanuk

Crystal keys  master, shaman, teacher. That is who I am, I am working with the crystal skulls and the lemurian crystals, to help you to become who you really are, to take off your mask that you are wearing.  Be you, be the real you! When I open the door with you, nothing will be the same. With my skulls, the lemurian crystals and the big Gaia skull who whispers ‘I am there for you, I walk with you, I can help you’.
Are you ready to be the real you? Than join me in my circle.

My teacher was Kathleen Murray, well know in the crystal skull scene, she was a wonderful teacher and I’m blessed to have known her.

With my teachings and the skulls I travel alot around the world, in Hungary especially. The energy and the heart chakra are beautiful to feel. The country itself breathes magic.

In our shop we sell crystals,skulls, incense and a lot more, if you wish we can search for the perfect crystal especially for you, tuned in and connected with your energy, to make a perfect match.

We work with plant spirits such as Ayahuasca, Kambo, Rapé and Cannabis. These wonderful plants give a healing that is not possible to describe. The spirits of the plants are sacred for us.


Leiden University and Webster University

Cognitive Psychology Study.

Due to the unique nature of this event our friends, cognitive psychologists Dominique Lippelt, Luisa Prochazkova and Jerca Furman will be performing a study on the day. Please assist them where you can as it is important that we are able to gather as much data as possible for  all healing and medicinal use of psychedelic substances and entheogens.


Hans Plomp

As a survivor from the first Summer of Love, an Amsterdam icon and one of the founding fathers of Ruigoord, Hans will be speaking about those far away days and how Ruigoord is still an essential part of Dutch cultural heritage.

He has written and translated many books of poetry, and is perhaps most well known for co-writing Uit Je Bol (Out of Your Head), the Drug Bible.

Perhaps if we are lucky he may read us one of his fabulous poems.


The Backalleys

Our favourite band will be providing acoustic entertainment towards the end of the evening. Originating from Leiden they are a generation of musicians born 30 years too late, taking their influences from the late 60s and early 70s.

Xandra Blokhuizen’s melifluous vocal stylings will lull you into a sublime reverie as she sings songs written by herself and other members of the band. A fitting musical distraction for our evening of sonic healing.


The Backalley’s website


Catherine Ó Croidheáin

Catherine will be playing some Celtic harp for our sound healing event. The lush and soothing sounds of the harp strings will help you to relax and soothe away the troubles, aches and pains of everyday life.


Ilona West

Ilona came to us to ask about helping with the art side of this project, then we discovered her secret. She has an amazing voice! So Ilona has agreed to serenade us with some of her beautiful songs. Believe me this is special!


Hi, my name is Gerben. My artist name ‘Omnis Iste’ is taken from the Lorem Ipsum dummy text and means ‘All this’.
My love for music has been with me since I was young, but I only started to play musical instruments when I was older.
I have a deep fascination for traditional folk music, electronic experimental music, ambient music, soundtracks and techno.
My music spans a wide range of genres similar to these fascinations and I am always trying to search for new interesting ways to express myself through music.
Next to making music I am also a graduated visual artist from the University of the Arts in Utrecht and a webdeveloper.
My music can be listened to at

Aleksi Hupli

As part of his Sociology PhD fieldwork Aleksi is producing a film based around the three places connected with the Summers of Love. San Francisco, London and Amsterdam. He will be previewing the first of these films on the night called The Witch Doctor of Haight-Ashbury.

Here’s a teaser: