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…and with the kind assistance of The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands.


Rudi Somerlove – Founder and Producer

Brid Ni Fhoighil – Project Manager

Yelena Love Unconditional – Shaman

Aleksi Hupli – Videographer, Drug Policy Activist


Josi Marschall – Video Editor


Jakobien Van Der Weijden – Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands

Dennis Berlips – Organiser and Space Holder

Stuart Lowry – Space Holder

Jane Fortune – Space Holder

Keir Howeld – Space Holder

Dominique Lippelt – Cognitive Psychology Researcher Leiden University

Luisa Prochazkova – Cognitive Psychology Researcher Leiden University & Psy. Soc. NL

Harriet Quilty – Art Director and Logo Designer

Delphine Stein – Webmistress and Website Designer