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Human Be-In; Sensory Carnival; Psilohuasca Ceremony; Shamanic Healing Retreat; Cognitive Study; Psychedelic Spectacular; Celebration of Life and so much more…

The Fields of Elysium will revolve around of a Shamanic Psilohuasca healing ceremony using magic truffles.

In addition we will have live sonic healing experiences, LED  and projection light displays, international speakers, films, music and psychedelic dances with guest artists and musicians.

There will be a case study over the course of the evening carried out by students of Leiden University to further understand the incredible effects that psychedelic healing can have on cognitive psychology.

It will be a ceremony for celebration of the legacy of the first two Summers of Love and a platform to continue promoting this Third Summer of Love to the world live from Amsterdam.

The intention is to promote the current renaissance around psychedelic substances and entheogenic plants.

Catching the zeitgeist around the growing movement for the use of psychotropic substances and entheogens for healing and promoting awareness of a higher consciousness which is currently evolving in humanity.

The first two ‘Summers of Love’ have informed and influenced this new and emerging ‘Third Summer of Love‘, a celebration of health, life and a new conscious era dawning for the planet as a whole.

We stand on the threshold of exciting times as the power and efficacy of these medicines are being proven in case study after case study to help with PTSD, depression, addiction, and reducing the anxiety of the terminally ill.

Amsterdam is the only place this ‘Third Summer of Love‘ can emerge, as here we have the luxury of a traditionally tolerant and progressive society quick to realise the medicinal benefits of psychedelic and psychotropic plants.

The idea is to announce the summers of 2017, 2018 and 2019 as ‘The Third Summer of Love‘ and to encourage further events and affiliated causes across Europe and the rest of the world.

The symbol for the ‘Third Summer of Love‘ will be the butterfly, reflecting the colourful, transformative, peaceful and natural origins of entheogens and their divine providence, in addition to the personal metamorphosis which often accompanies ones journey beyond entheogenic healing.

Right here, right now what the planet needs is another ‘Summer of Love‘  2017 Third Time Lucky!

We urge you to help support this cause and spread these ideas for the furtherance of humanity and all sentient beings that share this space we call home.