This event is proudly sponsored by:

…and with the kind assistance of The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands.

Before arrival. If you are taking part in the psilohuasca ceremony please take care to eat a light meal several hours before and not after 2pm. Please arrive sober without any alcohol consumption and be mindful of your sugar intake as this can affect your journey.

Those organisers and contributors not taking part in the ceremony may wish to bring something to eat during the evening. A nourishing vegan soup will be available later in the evening for everybody.

4pm arrival and registration.

People arrive and register for the scientific study.

Get settled find a space for your mattress.

Speakers will speak around this time including

Hans Plomp and others.

Relaxing sounds and cleansing of space/smudging.

Introduction to the evening by Rudi

Leiden University and Webster University students start study with some cognitive experiments.

6pm start Psilohuasca ceremony led by  Shaman Yelena (Love Unconditional)

Take the MAOI peganum harmala.

Gentle ambient sounds from Omnis Iste

6:30pm take the truffles provided by

7pm Stefano Sgarbi & Melika Hadzic

8pm Jhelisa Anderson sonic chakra sound healing

9:30 pm Glowballz

followed by Samsara Gong Bath

and projection visuals.

10:30pm Glowballz

followed by Catherine Ó Croidheáin & Ilona West

11:30pm Glowballz

followed by more Gentle ambient sounds from Omnis Iste

12:30  The Backalleys

1:30 am Film from Aleksi Hupli

3am close ceremony.

Leiden University and Webster University students end study with some cognitive experiments.

Soup and bedtime.

Gaps in the evening will be filled with music from our resident DJ’s Stephano, Hein and Ariel.

Please be sure to leave by 8am latest.

Those who wish to stay and help dismantle may do so but must we must have the place clean and cleared by 10am.