What is the Summer of Love 3.0?

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…and with the kind assistance of The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands.

2017 is exactly 50 years since the first ‘Summer of Love‘ which had its origins in San Francisco.

1988/1989 was also designated as the ‘Second Summer of Love‘ originating in London when Acid House music became popular.

An event took place on the 26th May 2017 to launch the ‘Third Summer of Love‘ here in Amsterdam.

Further events on this theme are being planned and coordinated across the summer of 2017 throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The difference about this ‘Third Summer of Love‘ is that it will be about the healing properties now becoming evident through the use of psychotropic substances and entheogens, rather than the activism and hedonism normally associated with the first two. Our events will reflect this.

The second Summer of Love was two summers long from 1988-1989. Taking our cue from this we have decided to make the ‘Third Summer of Love‘ three summers long. Thus we will start in 2017, through 2018 to end in 2019. This happily and numerically coincides with the 50th anniversary of the first Summer of Love in 1967 and the 30th anniversaries of the second Summer of Love in 1988 and 1989. A coincidence not to be overlooked. Therefore we now have three glorious summers to spread our message to the world.

The unique environment of the Netherlands lends itself very well to such an undertaking because, as you probably know, here the use of certain entheogens is tolerated. It would be a shame to allow an opportunity to pass that put the Netherlands at the forefront of the current growing revolution and psychedelic renaissance around the medicinal use of psychedelic substances.

The story so far…

1967, Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, California, USA.

The birth of the counterculture and the idea that psychedelics might help improve overall human consciousness and thus help to heal an ailing planet. The first ‘Summer of Love‘ was about peace, flower power, hippie culture and activism.

Emanating from a street corner in a San Francisco neighbourhood famous for its bohemian culture and far out ideals. The flower children (heavily influenced by the ‘beatniks‘ or ‘beat generation‘ of the previous decade) rejected consumerism, war and many contemporary government policies and the subsequent counterculture movement was evident and influential in fashion, popular music, television, film, literature, and the arts. Many aspects of hippie culture have since been assimilated by mainstream society. The religious and cultural diversity values of the hippies have gained widespread acceptance, and Eastern philosophy and spiritual concepts have reached a larger western audience.

LSD was legally available, widely distributed and Timothy Leary advised everybody to ‘Turn on, tune in and drop out‘.

Inspired by philosophic, religious and meditative practices such as eastern mysticism, Buddhism and yoga. The first Summer of Love was influential to the youth of the world from Europe’s Swinging LondonParis, Amsterdam, and Berlin to South AfricaAustralasia and beyond. Never before had youth culture had quite the same global impact and influence.

1988-89, London and Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

The emergence of Acid House music spawned a scene which came to be known as Rave Culture and saw millions of young people dancing at illegal all night parties in warehouses and open fields across the U.K. Spread over two summers the ‘Second Summer of Love‘ was a non-stop dance fest.

Starting in clubs like The Haçienda, Shoom and Trip, Acid House culture spread quickly through the use of a relatively new drug, MDMA. Used to improve psychotherapy early in the 1970s it became popular as a street drug during the late 1980s and acquired the street name Ecstasy. This and the resurgence our old faithful, LSD, enabled youngsters to dance deep into the night and often beyond sunrise in a heightened state of empathy, compassion and love. Hugging fellow ravers became ‘de rigueur’ as an expression of affection, deeper understanding and unity.

Mainly about pure hedonism raves and acid house parties were peaceful, manically charged and ‘loved up‘ events where politics gained no foothold and dancing to express freedom, youth and optimism for a brighter future was the order of the day.

Superstar DJs emerged in the shape of Andrew Weatherall, Terry Farley, Nicky Holloway, Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox whilst club and rave DJs alike started to become treated like rockstars for the first time by a youth eager to idolise them.

Fashion was baggy and colourful often with psychedelic or dayglo designs and dancers would chew babies dummies to counter act the side effect of chewing the inside of your cheeks that came from extended MDMA use.

The symbol of the ‘Second Summer of Love’ was the smiley 🙂 due to it appearing  on one of the flyers from the third Shoom party in London.


2017, Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands. 

The intention is to promote the current renaissance around psychedelic substances and entheogenic plants.

Catching the zeitgeist around the growing movement for the use of psychotropic substances and entheogens for healing and promoting awareness of a higher consciousness which is currently evolving in humanity.

The first two ‘Summers of Love’ have informed and influenced this new and emerging ‘Third Summer of Love‘, a celebration of health, life and a new conscious era dawning for the planet as a whole.

We stand on the threshold of exciting times as the power and efficacy of these medicines are being proven in case study after case study to help with PTSD, depression, addiction, and reducing the anxiety of the terminally ill.

Amsterdam is the only place this ‘Third Summer of Love‘ can emerge, as here we have the luxury of a traditionally tolerant and progressive society quick to realise the medicinal benefits of psychedelic and psychotropic plants.

The idea is to announce the summer of 2017 as ‘The Third Summer of Love‘ and to encourage further events and affiliated causes across Europe and the rest of the world.

The symbol for the ‘Third Summer of Love‘ will be the butterfly. Reflecting the colourful, transformative, peaceful and natural origins of entheogens and their divine providence.

Right here, right now what the planet needs is another ‘Summer of Love‘  2017 Third Time Lucky!

We urge you to help support this cause and spread these ideas for the furtherance of humanity and all sentient beings that share this space we call home.